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January 7th, 2009 (01:48 am)

Another night... home late again.

I missed my phone call... sad... :[
its 1:49am now. I left a text since I didn't want to disturb shelley's sleep and its so late now... nom.

Its 2009. I still mix it with 2008 here and there.

2008 was a hectic but great year. Its been probably my best year despite its rough start. It started with me feeling depressed. I was constantly dragged. I got away that depression by working on my car. I finished rebuilding the engine and mounting my pop-up headlights. I dropped my engine in january of 2008. I was proud of my work. The semester started and I made new friends, got into the music department, joined concert choir, and it started quite nicely. The third day my bike got stolen. A week or so later I got horribly sick. Then I got into a car accident. I got torn apart by a past triangle that basically left me broken beyond repair. I don't think i've ever cried and sobbed like i did. The entire collection of negativity just left me in a state that I have never seen a grown guy cry like. I eventually got back up. I figured things out. I grew better. I found that someone wasn't right for me. And I fell in love with shelley.

That was the start of both a bit of conflict yet happiness. I found someone that resembled me in character. The weirdness, the caring, the goals, and so many things, and was even pretty.

At fanime, I got to see her in a pretty white dress and have a dance with her on a that nice evening. I got to see for the first time, someone that actually made a strapless dress pretty and did it with short hair. On may 28th I asked her to be my girlfriend. I remember the work I put to carve her a heart out of glass. I planned out that beach trip and made sandwiches. I was pretty darn close to being broke but I scavenged all my money to make it work. And it worked. We enjoyed a nice picnic on the beach where she happened to stumble upon the glass heart so I just asked her then and there. We continued to fly a kite like she always wanted. We walked around the little town of carmel beach. Ate expensive but yummy cake haha. We topped it with beautiful sunset.

Great times. Watching movies, going to the Monterey Bay Aquarium, watching the sunrise, taking pictures, Birthday at the beach, watching city lights, going to staples hahahaha, getting massages, writing her a song, black friday @.@, halloween movie night, and just so many different things... great times indeed.

But what makes this year great are the little moments. Her smiles, her hugs and kisses, the cuddling, the long night phone calls, the conversations, the little surprises, the effort, things my brain won't register at 2:14am. The times with my friends, R3VO, and Vi also made this year great. The bowling, the stupid whores(cars), the camping trip and vegas trip. Pure insanity.

Anyways, it ended great. I look forward to another great year. Hopefully school will be good too this time around ^.^;;

Yipee! movies with shelley today! <3 I'm off to bed :]