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Viet [userpic]

New LJ/Website Layout

March 22nd, 2009 (05:12 am)

Inspired by Cloud Creation and Insomnia sung by Wheesung.

So i've been itching to make a new layout since...  I heard this song. ^.^;;;

I just couldn't figure out what to make though! It was aggravating... and today... I thought... well I just deciphered this cursed website design.. why not try it?

So I did.... btw its hard to setup as hell. buttons should be made before any programming is attempted. Most adaptations of website designs are as simple as copy paste code and replace. This one required recoding and additions. I think I improved their site design! I added transparency to the frame ^_^

One disappointing thing is that I can't customize scroll bars in Firefox... only works in IE. So for those using Internet Explorer, you'll get to see custom scroll bars :]

check it out

also, 2 versions of the new layout picture. This one isn't meant to take up the entire wall.

yep yep. 5am and i'm making websites.. pfft.. figures what i do with my spring break :]

rawr... lj won't show the picture... rawwr... i sleep