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Viet [userpic]


July 17th, 2009 (11:49 am)

what do you do when someone abandons you?

usually i'd move on. Maybe i'd try to fix it. At the least, i believe theres always something that can be done. Something other than running away.

What to do.. what to think. I might have teared a little but in a way I'm a little more angry than sad. maybe angry is the wrong word. Maybe disappointed its more in tune and correct with what is wrong.

Disappointed in my family. Disappointed that two grown adults after 23+ years married together couldn't communicate and work out their problems.  I'm disappointed that the way to end it was to run away to vietnam without even a word. To even lie about where he was going was beyond cowardly. I am disappointed in my father.

The man who raised me with so many morals. Taught me to be the man i am today. He gives up and abandons his family. Not for the first time for a second time.

How should I react? How should I feel? He is my father, not a child that I should be angry with. He is the man who taught me to never give up.  He is the man who put me through school up to this point. He is the father that taught me to stand up for myself when I was picked on as a kid. He is my father and he has abandoned me and my family. How should I feel?

I don't know anymore.